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Plant Fitter (Rail) Role Overview As a Plant Fitter, you are responsibl…
Nominated Person (Rail) As a Nominated Person (NP) in the rail industry, you…
AUTHORISED PERSON – AP (LEVEL B – Rail) Role Overview As an Authorised Person (AP) …
Multi-Skilled Operative (Rail) Role Overview As a Multi-Skilled Operative in the ra…
Crane Controller (Rail) Role Overview As a Crane Controller, you play a…
Earthing Assistant (Rail) Role Overview As an Earthing Assistant, you play a vital role …

Power & Infrastructure Resourcing Limited is a premier resourcing provider in the UK.

As a resourcing provider, we excel in supplying top-tier contract and permanent talent throughout the UK. Our expertise is in delivering outstanding personnel for project delivery, including technical roles, engineering positions, and professional services.


Our dedicated team strives for customer satisfaction by building strong relationships with clients and candidates to understand and meet their needs effectively.

Labour Supply

We source, train, and manage safety-critical personnel across various industries, ensuring a skilled and reliable workforce.

Contract Recruitment

We specialise in supplying seasoned professionals to meet our clients’ needs within specified timeframes or for project-based assignments through fixed-term contracts.

Permanent Recruitment

We focus on delivering high-calibre white and blue-collar personnel for part-time or full-time positions.


Building resilient infrastructure with green-centric talent

Power & Infrastructure Resourcing's commitment to sustainability is not merely an ethical choice; it is a strategic imperative. Our commitment to driving sustainability is an investment in the longevity and success of ourselves and our clients, aligning their operations with the values of responsible business practices and securing a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Why Work With Us?

Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Resourcing Solutions
Are you in the sectors of Rail, Plant services, or related industries? We’ve got the perfect solution to supercharge your workforce.

Tailored Resourcing Services
At Power & Infrastructure Resourcing, we specialise in providing quality resourcing solutions that meet the unique needs of your industry. Our experienced team understands the challenges you face and is committed to helping you overcome them.

Our Management Team

Martin Hawley

Managing Director

Günter Kielmayer

Managing Director

Tony Segust

Head of Commercial

Luke Radola

Operations Manager (E&W)

Helen Marsden

HSQE Manager

Our seasoned management team comprises leaders in resourcing operations, health, safety and wellbeing, and compliance. We are dedicated to providing high-calibre personnel for short-term staffing needs, fulfilling high-volume requirements, or meeting specific client criteria and are committed to establishing collaborative partnerships that drive industry change.

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