Building resilient infrastructure with green-centric talent

In an era defined by global challenges and increasing awareness of environmental responsibility, Power & Infrastructure Resourcing is uniquely positioned to drive sustainability within industry sectors where they operate. These industries play a pivotal role in shaping our infrastructure and contribute significantly to the overall carbon footprint. As stewards of talent acquisition and workforce development, we can play a transformative role in promoting sustainable practices and ensuring a resilient future for all.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability is not just an ethical choice; it is a strategic imperative. By integrating sustainability into our resourcing processes, we not only contribute to the global agenda for environmental conservation but also enhance the long-term viability of our clients within the Rail and Plant sectors. This involves a comprehensive approach that goes beyond traditional talent placement to address the specific sustainability needs of each industry.

Our recruitment solutions prioritise the identification and placement of professionals who possess a deep understanding of sustainable practices. This includes individuals with expertise in green technologies, energy-efficient construction methods, and environmentally responsible project management. By aligning our clients with a workforce that is well-versed in sustainable initiatives, we empower them to meet and exceed regulatory requirements, reduce their carbon footprint, and ultimately contribute to the overall resilience and sustainability of their operations.

Furthermore, our resourcing strategies extend beyond immediate talent acquisition to foster a culture of sustainability within client organisations. Through targeted training programs, knowledge sharing, and strategic workforce planning, we empower our clients to embed sustainable practices at every level of their operations. This holistic approach ensures that our clients not only comply with current sustainability standards but also remain adaptable to emerging environmental regulations and industry best practices.

P&I Resourcing not only fulfils a moral obligation but also positions itself as indispensable partners in the pursuit of a greener and more resilient future. Our commitment to driving sustainability is an investment in the longevity and success of not only ourselves but also our clients, aligning their operations with the values of responsible business practices and securing a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Emissions Reduction Targets

To continue its progress to achieving Net Zero, SPL Powerlines and it’s subsidiary P&I Resourcing have adopted the following carbon reduction targets. We aim to decrease our carbon emissions over the next 21 years to 114 tCO2e by 2045. This is a reduction of over 93%.

SPL Powerlines have separate reduction targets for Scotland, England and Wales, however, as it hasn’t calculated separate carbon footprints for these regions, Planet Mark have used the closest target of 2045 for these projections. 

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target emmissions
- 1 %
by year