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Are you in the sectors of Rail, Plant services, or related industries? We’ve got the perfect solution to supercharge your workforce!

Tailored Resourcing

At Power & Infrastructure Resourcing, we specialise in providing quality resourcing solutions that meet the unique needs of your industry. Our experienced team understands the challenges you face and is committed to helping you overcome them.

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We have a deep understanding of the rail, utility, transport, and construction sectors, allowing us to find the right talent for your specific projects.


We know that time is money in your business. Our swift and seamless recruitment process ensures you get the workforce you need when you need it.


We’re dedicated to delivering highly skilled and qualified professionals who will excel in your projects.


Whether you need temporary staff, long-term contracts, or permanent placements, we’ve got you covered.

Cost Effective

Our services are designed to maximise your efficiency and minimise your costs.

Safety First

Safety is our priority, and we only provide candidates who meet the strictest safety standards where applicable.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers

We use a combination of traditional and innovative methods, including industry-specific job boards, networking events, social media, and our extensive candidate database to ensure we find the best-fit candidates for each role.

We have a rigorous screening process that includes verifying candidates’ qualifications, certifications, and relevant industry experience before presenting them to our clients. We also stay updated on industry regulations and standards.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion. We actively seek out a diverse pool of candidates, ensure unbiased screening processes, and work with clients to promote inclusive hiring practices.

We have robust data protection policies and procedures in place. Confidential information is handled with the utmost care, and our team is trained to prioritise client and candidate privacy throughout the end-to-end recruitment process.